Aviation Security

Background Information

buy Lyrica 50 mg Welcome to AFS Aviation Security

When you commission AFS Aviation Security / Check port to contribute to your overall security program, your options extend from outsourcing a single service to letting us implement your entire security strategy. Moreover, AFS Aviation Security can serve clients at one, several or all of their stations.

Integration is a key advantage that AFS Aviation Security / Check port can offer. In the context of security services, integration means taking a fresh look at the traditional separation of tasks and eliminating redundancies.

buy 300 mg Seroquel Our Mission

  • AFS Aviation Security aims to act with innovative tools and state-of-the-art technology
  • AFS Aviation Security will pay utmost attention to: Responsibility, Effectiveness, Professionalism
  • AFS Aviation Security acts as a security integrator for processes, manpower and technologies

purchase generic Lyrica Trends in Security

  • Simplified processes through combination of activities and integration of new technologies
  • Registered Traveler Programs
  • Increasing “pre-clearance requirements”
  • Regional and global outsourcing of certain security services (e.g. INAD handling and doc verification)
  • Implementation of bio metrics (Fingerprint, Iris, Face recognition, Vein) and automation

buy florinef 100 mg online Outlook

AFS Aviation Security / Check port will continue to focus sales and marketing on hi-growth products such as cargo security and integrated services. Throughout the global AFS network, we will capitalize on the security needs of all existing and potential customers.

Unique Selling Proposition

  • AFS Aviation Security is a process and system-integrator (Security in Ground Handling and vice-versa) and develops tailor-made solutions for customers
  • AFS Aviation Security has access to all state-of-the-art technology in security from different manufacturers
  • AFS Aviation Security provides high quality security in all Aviation Security areas
  • AFS Aviation Security has the ability to deliver worldwide security operations within AFS network (incl. network deals)
  • Own developed Software System S-PASS+ (Screen&Store, API Data gathering, TSA profiling, Immigration Requirement Verification)

AFS Aviation Security provides security services for around 40 customers in over 10 countries worldwide. The team working within the organisation is highly trained in both security and vulnerability assessments, providing complete solutions for our customers. AFS Aviation Security customers have the flexibility to choose the solution fit for them; be it on a local or a global level, the Check port entities guarantee full flexibility for the procurement of security services.

Our services and expertise in this specialized field are based on more than 20 years’ experience within Aviation Security with a clear focus on and commitment to quality solutions and integrated products for your convenience. Working with a company like AFS allows our clients to purchase security services via Ground Handling and Cargo and benefit from the synergies realized by the integration of security tasks in existing processes, such as:

  • Check-In Security
  • Combined Check-In and Security Services
  • Gate Security
  • Combined Gate and Security Services
  • Cabin Clean & Search
  • Combined Cleaning and Security Services

Services Overview

  • Document verification (incl. state-of-the-art scanner solutions)
  • Access Control (airport premises, warehouses, air crafts)
  • Passenger screening / profiling
  • Extraordinary security services for US carriers
  • Aircraft security services (guarding / search)
  • Cargo and baggage screening
  • Integrated Security
  • API-, No Fly-, Watch list handling
  • Various other aviation security activities (e.g. training)